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Effortless elegance: that's what my fashion illustrations are all about. 


Are you looking for something special and custom made to let your brand stand out? I will create the perfect illustration that emphasizes your brands values! 

You can see a selection of commissioned illustrations and free work in my portfolio

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Are you planning an event and do you want to add a unique creative experience? Live illustrations might be just what you're looking for! A perfect combination of entertainment and a stylish custom made gift for your guests.

I'm specialized in 10-minute live drawings and create a unique gift for every person I draw on the spot. Perfect for press launches, parties and influencer events. Everything can be organised in a Covid-proof way. Contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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Creating an original PR-experience for your brand can be challenging with Covid-19 still around. But have you ever considered all the options that illustration can offer? 

The benefit of illustration is this: each one is unique. We can use that to make sure your product will stand out and keep a special place in the heart of the person receiving it.  

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With my love for aesthetics, fashion, beauty and art, I want to add some extra elegance to this world. Ink and watercolors are my favorite materials to do so. 


I am a Netherlands based fashion illustrator, living close to Amsterdam. My art is inspired by Paris, vintage Hollywood stars like Audrey and Marilyn, femininity and feminism and some good coffee. In the world of art, anything is possible. Therefore, my personal motto is: 'everything you can imagine is real'. 


Get in touch to talk about your next project and how illustrations can add value to your brand or product. Not sure which angle to take creative-wise? No problem! I love to think with you and discuss multiple option. Let's have a (virtual) coffee together! You can write me in English or Dutch.