It can seem challenging to create an original PR-experience for your brand in the current times with Covid-19 still around. But have you ever considered all the options that illustration can offer? 

I can create illustrations for your brand that will WOW your audience. The benefit of illustration is this: each one is unique. We can use that to make sure your product will stand out and keep a special place in the heart of the person receiving it.  




Want to let someone know you appreciate them? No gift will bring that message across as well as a portrait does! A custom made portrait is a truly unique gift which will make the recipient feel acknowledged, valued and loved. 


Give light! Light represents hope and that’s something we can all use right now. Therefore paper lanterns with an illustration of your product on them, would be a very fitting gift right now. I can design any illustration you like and have it printed on the lanterns, which are made of special fire-resistant paper. By placing a tealight inside, your product will literally shine.



Everyone carries their groceries in them nowdays and you can never have enough… Cotton tote bags are used a lot! I can design an illustration that emphasizes your products or brand values in a way that attracts attention and is aesthetically pleasing. Something you want to be seen with! Both a nice gift and a way to give more visibility to your brand or business. 



If you’re using your own products as a gifts, consider giving them a creative packaging update! I can customize your products in any way you like. We can use illustration, hand lettering, glitter, gold leaf.. everything is possible. 

This option can also be combined with the portrait option from above. That's something I did for Schwarzkopf, as you can see on this picture. 


Maybe you know exactly what kind creative solution you're looking for, or you're not so sure yet. Just drop me a note and we can look into your project together. I can also advice which kind of illustration would work best to reach your goals. You can write me in English or Dutch. 

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Do you have a question about custom-made illustrations, licensing, live-illustration, or something else? Drop me a note on the above e-mail address or use the contact form below! I will get back to you within a day. 

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