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The Estée Lauder Christmas event

Christmas is right around the corner. While I'm writing this, it even snows in The Netherlands! Last week, I was glad it didn't snow yet, because I had an appointment to do some live drawing at the Estée Lauder Companies Christmas event in Amsterdam.

At this event for press and bloggers, Estée Lauder Companies presented its new beauty products. MAC, Jo Malone, Clinique, La Mer and Bobbi Brown are all part of the ELC family, together with many other beauty brands. The products were not presented per brand, but per type of person that would use them. There were 6 different types of persons - drawn by me.

At the event itself, I made Christmas cards for the guests with silver, gold and rose-gold pigments. I had a lot of fun drawing little ice dancers, christmas trees and girls with nicely wrapped presents.

It was a great event and totally got me into the Christmas spirit. Thanks for having me Estée Lauder Companies!

Love, Anna

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