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An artistic workshop at the Diptyque event

Adding a creative workshop to your event is a perfect way to have your guests engage with your brand in a new and fun way. When Diptyque launched their l'Eau Papier perfume this spring, a Japanese sumi-e workshop seemed the perfect activity to give this press and influencer event some extra creative flair.

The label of the l'Eau Papier perfume is created with the sumi-e techinque: a Japanese way of painting with ink, used by zen monks. It's a way of painting that's known to be calming and relaxing. And one of the benefits is: everyone can do it! Sumi-e is all about the flow of the ink on the paper and discovering your own creative energy. There's no right or wrong with this painting technique and no experience required. So it's perfect for a workshop!

The workshop lasted 45 minutes. There was a lovely group of about 20 participants, all journalists, content creators and influencers who loved beauty and perfume. They were very excited about this creative workshop! Afterwards many of them told me they felt relaxed and energised by this activity and that they loved doing something new and creative at a press event!

This video gives a short impression of the event:

If you're considering a creative workshop as part of your own future event, don't hesitate to contact me.


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