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How to: personal branding for illustrators

Are you an illustrator looking to expand your circle of clients? Improving your personal branding is THE place to start. If you're not sure how to use personal branding as an illustrator, let me help you on your way!

When we see a brand, we have certain associations with that brand. When you see the MacDonalds logo, you don't think of the same things as when you see the Dior logo.This is even true for brands that operate in the same area. Apple evokes different feelings than Microsoft. Why? It all has to do with their branding.

Having a strong personal brand will make sure you stand out and stay top of mind with potential clients in need of an illustrator with your specialty and style!

3 essential points are:
  • Know what sets you apart

  • Have a 'story' to share

  • Make sure you're visible and easy to find

Creating an image and story for illustrators

Know what sets you apart

Let's face it: there are a lot of illustrators out there and many of them make great illustrations. Can you show your potential clients why they need to pick you? You can, if you know what sets you apart. So try to determine your niche and the elements that are typically 'you'. It can be anything: your personal interests, the aesthetics you love, a cause you believe in or even elements from your personal life. It's great if there is a connection with your illustrations but not absolutely necessary.

Have a 'story' to share

Everyone loves a good story. And just as important: we remember a good story. If you have a story to tell, there's a much bigger chance people will remember you and your illustrations. You can use the elements from the previous point to create a story. Don't make it too complicated! It can be very simple.

I for example have two narratives I use on my social media channels.

The first one: I love fashion and Paris. And you can see that in many of my illustrations which show a luxury Paris-inspired image. I share Paris and fashion-related tips and images on my social media from time to time. The second one: I graduated in law and didn't follow an art education. I’m a self-taught illustrator. I have no training in this field, but decided to follow my dream in a very concrete way, by taking one step at the time.

Make sure your work is easy to find

If you want to get commissions, people need to be able to see and find your work. One of my favorite quotes is: right time right place happens, but you have to be in the places... Potential clients have to be able to see your amazing personal brand and your beautiful illustrations! So you need to be visible. Make sure your website can get found in google. Choose a few social media platforms and post consistently (useing your personal branding while doing so!).

Of course there's a lot more to it. You can't create a strong personal brand in just one afternoon... so if you want a step-by-step guide on how to do this the right way, have a look at my new E-book!

E-book personal branding for illustrators

This blog is in fact a small preview of my E-book on personal branding for illustrators. It's not just text, but a guidebook with concrete excercises that will help you to build your own personal brand as an illustrator. You can find more info and by it here!


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