Style classic: the Breton stripe

The Breton strip is a fashion favorite. Who didn't wear it? Coco Chanel did, Brigitte Bardot did, Jane Birkin, James Dean, Mick Jagger... It's loved by men and women and for a good reason: it looks classy and effortless at the same time. It's more interesting than a simple shirt in just one color but does not attract too much attention.

I own multiple variations to the breton stripe myself: shirts and tops in white-with-navy-stripes and black-with-site-stripes. I'll share some of my favorite style combinations with you!

Clémence Poesy, looking classy in a striped shirt, Trenchcoat and leopard clutch.

Emanuelle Alt, combining the shirt with her favorite items: a skinny jeans, feminine shoes and a good blazer. Looking casually chique as always.

Want a more feminine Parisienne look? Combine a Breton striped top with a black semi-see through or tulle skirt!

Audrey Hepburn seemed to prefer the black or navy version with smaller white stripes.

And then there's Brigitte Bardot: wearing an oversized Breton sweater in this picture. Or maybe it was her boyfriends' ?

I thought a Breton striped dress would suit La Bardot very good as well. I painted it combined with red shoes and her typical BB hairdo, as you can see below.

Love, Anna


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