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How live illustration can elevate your event

When you organise an event, you want your guests to have an unforgettable experience. Live illustration can be the perfect activation to achieve this. Why and how? It'll tell you.

It's a fun and personal experience

When I'm drawing live illustrations, people often tell me 'I've never had my portrait drawn before'. For many people it's a special experience and often a first. It's also a very personal experience. They get to see how a blanc piece of paper turns into their own portrait in less than 10 minutes.

Your guests receive a truly unique gift to take home

Many companies strive to make gifting more personal. And what's more personal than a portrait or fashion illustration created separately for every guest?

It connects your company with art and creativity

A very important one: live illustration connects your brand with art and creativity. I often use paper branded with the company logo at events. Every time your guests look at their custom-made illustration, they'll be reminded of your brand.

Online brand visibility

The people I paint often share images of their live illustrations on social media. When branded paper with your logo is used, this will resulting in even more online visibility.

Are you considering live illustration for your next event yet?

I can create unique paintings within 5 - 10 minutes per person using watercolors and ink. I'm based in The Netherlands near Amsterdam, but I also do events in Antwerp, Brussels, Vienna, London, Paris and elsewhere. I speak Dutch, English and a little French.

Brands I've worked with before include Dior, Prada, Bulgari, MaxMara and Harrods.

If you want to know more about live illustration, have a look at this page.


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