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Spring fashion: Vive La France and how to wear it

Spring fashion is steadily arriving at the stores and whenever you walk past the new collections, there are a few thing that stand out: the stripes, the red - white - blue color combo, French quotes and berets. It's clear, France is en vogue.

I've always had a weak spot for French fashion. For example, I like my clothes classy, well made and not too complicated. I like stripes, berets and little black dresses. If you want to make your look really French while aiming for that 'Je ne sais quoi' and without overdoing it, here are some tricks.

1. Choose. Of course you can combine a striped tee with a beret, a wide black skirt, a Chanel-like bag and ballerina's, but it might look a bit over the top. So choose one French item and combine it with something not necessarily French: ballerina's under a jeans, a beret with a trenchcoat, the striped tee with an office worthy blazer or a cool bomber jacket.

2. Leave the logo's, go for class. You don't often see a Parisienne wearing big brand logo's, because this is not considered very chic. Of course a small visible logo here and there won't hurt, but let your outfit speak for itself through its style, not scream which brand it is.

3. Accessorize. Wear a bag, a hat or beret, a bow in your hair or a bow tie, big earrings, pearls, other jewelry, a silk scarf or a combination of those.

And last but not least, do what you think fits with your French style. Fashion is supposed to be fun! So in fact, there are not real rules. These are just my personal guidelines to go by. That does not mean they are necessarily the ones you should follow. Try different things and see what you like, have fun!



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