Live illustrations for Tudor Watch and meeting David Beckham in Paris

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

It was around 3 pm on 19 September when I stept out of the train and on to the platform of Gare du Nord in Paris. I was there for a live illustration event organized by the famous watch brand Tudor.

It was an evening event, held in the lovely venue Klay Saint Saveur. The room was filled with Tudor management, PR people and other guests enjoying the lovely drinks, bites and music while they could also get a 10-minute live illustration.

One of the special guests of the evening was no one less than Tudor Ambassador David Beckham! And yes, I did draw him as well. Here are some of the illustrations I made that evening!

The organization by Dcontract PR agency was spot on and I really enjoyed drawing at this event. Thanks for having me Tudor!



Website_2020_coffee legs up.jpg


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