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5 ways to get creative at home

Let's be honest: it's not easy, staying at home as much as possible. But we all know it's something that we really need to do right now. So, we might as well use that time to explore our creative side a bit more. As kids, most of us liked to draw, paint and do crafts. But when we grow older, many of us don't get crafty as often as we would like. I've listed 5 ways for you (and your kids) to start exploring your creative side again. And the good news is: most of them are free, or cost very little!

1. Spring themed colouring sheet

FREE | I designed a special colouring sheet for Easter! But of course you can still use it after Easter as well! You'll find it here.

2. Jimmy Choo shoe design contest

FREE | Jimmy Choo is hosting a shoe design contest! Everyone can enter, the deadline is May 15th! Grab this chance to draw your own dream shoe. You'll find more information here:

3. Improve your drawing skills with Skillshare

FREE | Do you want to improve your drawing skills before you participate in the Jimmy Choo contest? Or do you want to learn more about other creative areas? Skillshare is a platform that offers many creative courses on drawing, fashion illustration, photography, design, marketing, social media and many other subjects! Some of my personal favourites are the illustration courses by Katie Rodgers, better known as Paper Fashion. You can now get 2 months membership for free! You can cancel any time. So if you cancel before the 2 months are over, it really is for free. Get it via this link:

4. Get nostalgic with these paper dressing dolls

4,84 euro | Remember when we were little and used to play with paper dressing dolls? I designed a modern fashion of this classic, featuring inspiring women like Frida Kahlo, Coco Chanel and Beyoncé. There are now 2 sets available in my Etsy shop.

5. Creative bliss with flowers, veggies or....perfume maybe

FREE | Do you know Gretchen Röehrs? She's known for her illustration with food or objects in them, like the one below. I really love those and they're easy to do at home. Just check your fridge or cupboard for any items that might do. I did something a bit similar recently using a perfume bottle. Don't be too serious about it and have fun!


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