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A live portrait brand activation for Prada

Buckethats are all the rage at the moment and Prada understands that very well. That's why they commissioned me to draw live portrait illustrations in their store in Amsterdam featuring their bucket hat collection. I'll show my favorites below!

These portraits were made in 5 to 10 minutes per person. Everyone person visiting the store could get one if they tried on one of the Prada hats. And as you can see below, I also got to wear a lovely Prada outfit!

Live illustrations are a great brand activation for fashion brands, because it's a very personal and creative way to emphasize your collection highlights. Portraits or head-to-to illustrations make a special gift that customers will cherish. In this case they were for everyone visiting the store. They weren't attached to actually buying the product. But still, on the second day of live illustration the green buckethat had sold out. There are people that believe art and commerce don't go well together, but I'd like to disagree with that.

Got any questions about live illustration? You can always contact me via email: Wether you're an illustrator and curious to know how it works creative-wise or a marketing manager looking for a great brand activation: I'm happy to answer your questions!

Anna Wijnands


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