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Live illustrations for Dior in Brussels

Dior is one of my favourite brands: both for fashion and make-up. So when they asked me to make live-illustrations for them in Brussels, I was quite excited! Every live-sketching event is different and it's key to choose an approach that fits the style of the brand...

Live sketching for Dior in Brussels

For this in-store animation, we decided to go with portraits, because it was going to take place at the Dior make-up and perfume counter in a big department store. Portraits are often a good option for a make-up brand, focussing more on the face. At fashion related events, I'd probably opt for complete head-to-to illustrations, to really let the outfits people are wearing stand out. But I always discuss with the brand and the people I work with what they think will work best for their company and their audience.

For this event, I drew in a style that's elegant and modern, using mainly ink and only a bit of watercolor. Below you can see some of the portraits I made that day!

If you're interested to know more about the options for live illustration at events, check this page!

Good to know: I live near Amsterdam in The Netherlands, but are used to travelling and have done multiple live-art events in Germany, Belgium and France.


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