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In-store live illustrations for MIU MIU in Dusseldorf

I love it when the brand that commissions me and my style are a great fit. And that's exactly how I feel about MIU MIU! It's so elegant, with a fun vintage and girly touch. On 7 December, I went to Dusseldorf in Germany to make live watercolour illustrations in the MIU MIU store for 2 days. It was a great experience. I got to wear 2 very nice outfits and to draw many very different people. That's one of the things I really like about live illustration: even when the drawing's done in 10 minutes, you get a bit of time to talk to the person you're drawing and that really helps to capture them on paper.

Scroll down to see some examples of the live illustrations I made during those days and some pics of my lovely MIU MIU outfits.


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