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Roman holiday: tips for a city trip to Rome

As an admirer of art, style and class, Rome is one of my favourite cities. It has it all: the amazing baroque churches, royal Palazzo’s, classy boutiques and beautiful streets. Oh and I almost forget the food! I love those spaghetti's. I just came back from a trip to Rome and will share some of my tips with you as well as some illustrations I made before and after this city trip.

What to see: Villa Farnesina and Galeria Doria Pamphilj

Of course there are the obvious highlights like the Colosseum, the Vatican and the Palazzo Borghese. But if you want to see some really exquisite places that aren’t so well-known by the tourists yet, go visit the Villa Farnesina and the Galeria Doria Pamphilj. The Villa Farnesina has some of the most beautiful Frescos (by Raphael amongst others) that I’ve ever seen. Galeria Doria Pamhilj is an amazing Palazzo with lots of gold and splendour. Almost like a little Italian Versailles. You can wander around the big halls and ballrooms, admire the artwork and afterwards enjoy some coffee and sweets in the little café (which has an indoor fountain!).

Fresco in the Villa Farnesina

The entrance hall for Galeria Doria Pamphilj

Where to eat

If you like very well-cooked traditional italian dishes : go to Colline Emiliane. Their deserts are very good as well, specially the Sabayone! For a not to heavy lunch, I recommend Nonna Betta, a Jewish restaurant in the old Getto neighbourhood. Fried artichokes are their specialty and they are very tasty. Oh and don't forget to drink enough cappucchino's! But you can get these everywhere.

Where to shop

These days, Monti is the place to be. This is the hipster part of Rome, but it’s not overcrowded with tourists yet. I visited the Mercato Monti Urban Market on Sunday: it’s a small market with different stands presenting their goods. You can find both items made by young designers as well as high end vintage (think Fendi and Chanel). I found a lovely dress and cardigan there!

A shop in Mercato Monti called 'Shop in London'. So confusing right? ;)

A cute little square in Monti

Where to stay

We stayed at Hotel Canada. It's a very classy hotel with an amazing breakfast buffet (pinenut tart and apple pie for breakfast anyone?). I think my shiny happy face here says enough ;)

Roman fashionista

When you're a fashion illustrator, you tend to be on the lookout for inspiration everywhere you go. And there she was, casually standing in the bus: an Italian woman with a super classy but laid-back outfit, a fashion illustration come to live. I printed her outfit in my head and made this illustration when I got home. I like how she combined a masculine blouse and pantalon with feminine pearl earrings, Versace sunglasses and the chinon hairdo.



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