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Looking back: this was 2017!

2017 was truly an amazing year for me. I've worked on many creative projects, made lots of stylish fashion illustrations and collaborated with great brands. So let me tell you a bit about some of the projects I worked on this year. These are the highlights of my fashion illustrator life in 2017!

Live illustration events

I made drawings at many different events. For Ted Baker I made illustrations on Totebags and drawings on footwear bags. I made live sketches at the opening of the New Furla store in Amsterdam and during the Grazia 10-year anniversary event. Just a few weeks ago, I drew Christmas cards at the Estée Lauder press event and... well, there's so much to mention. Let me just show you! Check the picture gallery below for photo's of some live sketching events.

The GIRLZ Winterspecial cover illustration

GIRLZ is a magazine for teenage girls, I used to read it when I was 15 myself. This year, they asked me to draw a cover illustration for their winter special and published a big interview with me (in Dutch).

Estée Lauder Companies press event

Estée Lauder Companies presented its new beauty products in December. MAC, Jo Malone, Clinique, La Mer and Bobbi Brown are all part of the ELC family, together with many other beauty brands. I made fashion illustrations of the people that would use the products.

Fashion illustrations for Modeca Bridal

I finished a big project this year on which I started in 2016: drawing the complete Modeca Bridal Jazz 2018 collection! You can see some examples below.


There were quite some publications about my work this year. I already mentioned the interview GIRLZ magazine. Grazia, Beau Monde, &C and the CosmoGIRL also published articles about my fashion illustrations! Most are online articles, I added the links. All are in Dutch.

So, that was 2017! I'm very much looking forward to 2018. I hope you had a great year as well. Remember, there's no progress without pitfalls and obstacles along the way. They're part of (creative) life. So that's my lifelesson for now ;) And I want to end this blog by wishing you all a very joyful, happy and creative 2018!



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