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This was the fashion illustration workshop themed Glamorous Dresses!

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Organizing a fashion illustration workshop is something I had been thinking about for a while and last Sunday it was finally happening: I gave a fashion illustration workshop themed ‘glamorous dresses’ to a group of 7 women.

We started out by practicing how to draw the sketch the human body. I explained how to draw women and the difference between a body with real proportions and the way most fashion illustrations are drawn.

Then it was time to continue with the workshop theme: glamorous dresses! We practiced how to emphasize movement and how to paint different kinds of fabric with watercolors. I'd asked the participants to bring some pictures of dresses they wanted to draw and we dedicated the last hour of the workshop to drawing the dresses they chose.

It was so much fun to share my knowledge and experience with the participants. And it worked! They’d progressed quite a lot during the three hour workshop.

I will offer similar and custom-made illustration workshops for corporate events or influencer events as well. Get in touch if you’re curious about the opportunities!



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